3.5 Racism, and other Psyops | XCubed420 and Dead Trust

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Thanks for listening to yet another Legit Bat Podcast! Tonight we welcome XCubed420 (on YouTube and Inside the Cube on podcast feeds) and Dusty Potter (Dead Trust Podcast on YouTube and Trovo) to talk racism, George Floyd, and the general state of shit right now. We tried to live stream this episode to Rokfin but as our luck always has it, it got fucked sideways so we did the best we could audio-wise. Check these dudes out they know their shit! If you aren’t on Patreon.com/legitbatpodcasts click over there and send us a beer to get more episodes and extended content or Rokfin.com/legitbat and maybe one day we’ll figure out this newfangled streaming shit the kids are talking about. See you next time!

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