3.20 Pee Streams, Prostates, & Things That Make Them Better | Janet, Shannon, & Emily

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Tonight we’re joined by the natural health gang, Janet, Shannon, and Emily! They return to talk men’s health, piss streams, prostates, vitamins and pumping off! Always a great time with this group go check them out! Shannon is taking clients now at creativelightwellness.org too. They can be found at @creativelight16, @missembily, and @deplorablejanet on IG. You can find Janet’s podcast Deplorable Nation wherever you get podcasts! Finally! She’s back in the game. Go give them some love and thanks for listening! We also have extra shows on patreon.com/legitbatpodcasts and if you want the video versions of our free shows plus exclusive videos visit Rokfin.com/legitbat. Catch you soon!

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