267: The Dead Doll Hiker and D.C. Sniper (Members Trailer)

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On Episode 267: The Dead Doll Hiker and D.C. Sniper, we have Amy joining us to share two stories that are equally bizarre! Her first experience includes a haunting story from the Appalachian Trail, in western Maryland, where she and her friends seem to have encountered a walking, talking dead man! Dressed in a creepy ensemble, it was not until later that Amy realized the man was no longer, in fact, alive. She also shares her personal run-in with the infamous “D.C. Sniper”, who almost ran her over with his car before he was ultimately arrested, tried, and put to death. Finally, we also share a new potentially prophetic dream from Pastor Dana Coverstone, who joined us on Episode 252: Prophetic Dreams for 2020. 

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