252: Prophetic Dreams for 2020 | Dana Coverstone

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Today we are joined by Pastor Dana Coverstone to talk about the three prophetic dreams he has had for the year 2020. Dana shared his dreams on video and from there they went viral. As the video was approaching 1.5 million downloads a listener sent it to me and once I heard his message I knew I had to talk to him. His first dream came in December of 2019 and it has already happened by the time set in his dream, but the next two dreams are yet to pass but they are time-stamped so we know when to be looking for them. Dana has been incredibly humble through this process and is more than willing to say he was wrong if December 1, 2020, comes and these dreams did not happen. But my gut tells me we are seeing the unfolding of his dreams happen in real-time. 

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