#247: Leaving The Herd And Going Rogue | Lindsey Scharmyn

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Host of Rogue Ways, Lindsey Scharmyn, stops by to explain the diabolical push to transform society into a Communist hellscape through the use of marketing campaigns aimed at low-information voters to make bad ideas into laws.

Has the Biden Administration thrown in the towel on his presidency or are they plotting to dust off a new version of the Biden robot for a reboot in 2024? Kamala ain’t the answer, so what do they do now?

This might be a job for the Large Hadron Collider at CERN to fire up and create a new timeline where Biden is comfortably resting in the old folks’ home and not masquerading as the President. Hopefully, it isn’t inviting demons in through the portal now because we are already full and are no longer accepting new submissions on this planet that we call Earth.


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