#225 – Old Kampong Stories [Pontianak Battle Ground | Legend of Tok Lasam & Siglap | Kidnapped in Kampong Nee Soon] S2024, Ep 4

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Ep 4

Old Kampong ghost stories are such classics that we seldom hear much of these days, but if you know where to poke around and ask, you will find that many old folks still have memories of those times that they hardly speak of these days, until Supernatural Confessions offer them as safe space to retell their encounters without feeling judged. 

Most of these tales of bygone era would sound ludicrous to young listeners who cannot imagine that once upon a time the supernatural and occult practices were as common as memes on social media. 

Enjoy Old Kampong stories with hosts Eugene Tay, Jonathan Lim and our special guest Sarafian Salleh, only on Supernatural Confessions.


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