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The supernatural community believes that dreams are a way for the dead to send a message to the living. Listen to the touching story of “I Love You, Thank You”; and a frightening one “The Dreams Started When I Turned 21”.

Our special guest Eunice has a real life account of Ghost Marriage that was conducted in her family, and to a close friend. Unfortunately the audio quality is affected because she was calling in from work and in a noisy environment. I will be meeting her soon to get her confession face to face.

All these and more in today’s podcast episode I Dream of Dead People only on Supernatural Confessions. 


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Supernatural Confessions is a safe space for anyone who have had a paranormal encounter and want to be able to tell their story to a community who will not ridicule them. Some of us have experienced the unexplainable ourselves, while the rest of us simply enjoy listening to ghost stories. If you or someone you know have an encounter to share, get in touch with us through our website. ⁠www.supernaturalconfessions.com⁠.


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