#203 – Ghosts In Shopping Malls [Battle of the Malls | Built on Cemetery | The Mannequin | Unpeaceful Centre | Children of Old Plaza Singapura | Mind Your Own Business]

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Shopping Malls are hardly the place one would think there’s a haunting, especially when it’s full of people and bright lights. But those working there after hours experience a different world.

In this episode, we talk about the Feng Shui of malls along Orchard Road and wonder if being built on cemetery grounds had anything to do with the haunting. We also reveal real confessions from real people who had kept the memories buried for decades.

You don’t want to miss the special segment where we show you footages of a possible haunting when we brought our participants on a tour in Changi

All these and more in today’s podcast episode Haunted Shopping Malls only on Supernatural Confessions. 


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