2022 – WTH?! 2023 – Bring it on!

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I was asked by a few people for some personal updates, so I decided to record an episode to talk about the major events and challenges in 2022. I’m giving it a 3.5 star review – WHAT the hell was that?! I haven’t recorded the spirit messages yet, but I want to share what Spirit has been inspiring me with for 2023 as well. I now have some clarity on what the focus will be looking towards the future.


I would love to hear your top 3 things from 2022 and your top 3 for heading into 2023! You’re welcome to share them on the post for this episode in Spirit School. I enjoy getting to know you there. The move off of social media was one of my main goals for 2022, and this is one of the benefits! I hope you enjoy hearing my recap and I appreciate you taking the time to listen, and your acceptance of the emotions that come along with it.


For the first time, I will be offering an annual membership for $1111 USD and it will include The Initiation (a $888 USD value) for FREE! The cart for this will be open until we start on January 31st, so there is time to decide if this feels aligned for you.

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In this episode: 

  • I’ve got a bit more clarity on what the focus will be for 2023
  • While last January feels like lifetimes ago, I also don’t know where the time has gone
  • 2022 started with the obsession with getting Spirit School off of social media 
  • I have benefitted from this shady system of social media, particularly Instagram
  • Stories of me crying had 1000 views, but talking about The Initiation had 150 max
  • Meta platforms made it so that you have to pay for ads for promotions to be seen
  • There was a hearing about the intentional harm in Meta’s algorithms
  • I felt a mismatch in values having Spirit School on their platforms
  • Another issue is that there are always 3-5 scam accounts impersonating me
  • I had to hire someone to help manage my DMs, and it took the fun out of being there
  • Reels are being pushed and I don’t want to be a content creator
  • TikTok builds up creators then takes away their exposure, creating unequal exchange
  • My IG growth is slow because I don’t play games and I block suspicious followers
  • Moving my programs off of Meta and onto Mighty Networks was a sovereign move
  • Mighty is an all-in-one platform with opportunities for growth 
  • My team moved all of my historical content to Mighty over 5 months
  • We launched successfully with The Calling, then moved the Collective 
  • I’m off of Facebook but will not leave Instagram because of my audience
  • Off social media, I have Mighty, my podcast and mailing list for sovereign growth
  • I will be able to buy it out as my own platform, and I get to just show up and speak
  • I’ve focused on getting trauma informed from a financial place as a BIPOC woman
  • I kept finding myself in relationship with people who worship money
  • I don’t think about it that much, but I wondered if I was supposed to
  • Being around people who talked about money a lot made me feel not enough
  • I had a friend literally choose the pursuit of wealth over genuine friendship 
  • I have named my money wounds and have come a long way in my healing
  • I became trauma informed certified for entrepreneurship
  • In January, I will be certified through the Trauma of Money and will be a facilitator
  • I’m passionate about this because money stuff comes up for lightworkers 
  • I had resistances to helping clients with pricing because of my own wounds
  • I’ve learned so much and I’ll have the tools to help people when money comes up
  • I was trauma-informed before because I worked with Indigenous residential school survivors and youth
  • Just because you’re trauma informed doesn’t mean you won’t traumatize someone
  • It’s about being prepared and having the skillset to repair
  • All lightworkers, especially mediums, could benefit because we work with grief
  • I’ve made changes to my business like removing penalties for payment plans
  • Clarity is kindness, so I created a detailed syllabus for The Initiation
  • It was a successful year in terms of money, but I value connection
  • This was the hardest year of my life in a lot of ways
  • WIthin a week, my dad was diagnosed with cancer and my brother was in a coma
  • I had just recorded a reel to my younger self to love on my brother 
  • The hardest part was when I had to say goodbye to him
  • I took a month off to be by his side every day while he recovered
  • Having opportunities for exposure fall through showed I’ll be self made
  • It dissolved the illusion of exposure and I realized it’s an ad to be featured
  • I’ve created Spirit School from my bedroom, but I started looking for a space
  • Everything unfolded for me to get one of three waterfront spaces in Squamish
  • I got funding from an Indigenous capital organization to build the space
  • My first retreat is going to be focused on deep spiritual experiences
  • I will run the first Initiation 2.0 to focus on psychic, group readings and business
  • I’ve already had some plans stripped away, so this could change