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With Andy’s voice pretty much gone he needs a day or so to recover before recording again, so here is the wonderful Graeme Rendall & Dave Partridge with episode 1 of the brilliant ‘Unidentifed Aerial Podcast’. If you enjoy just search “Anomalous Podcast Network’ on any search engine for more shows like this!

Dave Partridge (Creator of Shadows of your Mind magazine) & Graeme Rendall (Author) are two of the UK’s best when it comes to the history of UFOs.

In this episode they discuss;

Thomas Mantell death, 7th January 1948,
Chiles-Whitted encounter, 24th July 1948,
George Gorman “dogfight” case, 1st October 1948,
Simpson encounter of January 1944
The alleged Churchill WW2 story
And more

Join them as they explore the rich, often times forgotten, history of UAP/UFOs. Each episode, they will go back into the decades to explore the famous & lesser known cases of the time. From World Wars, to Cold Wars, from top secret government projects to the speculative, each episode is carefully researched and presented to allow you to make up your own mind and connect the dots from years gone by.

How to get in touch;

Email: UnidentifiedAerialPodcast@gmail.com
Twitter: @ShadowsMagazine (Dave) or @Borders750 (Graeme)

This podcast is produced by the Anomalous Podcast Network, in association with That UFO Podcast (@ufouapam)