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THE TRILLION DOLLAR PATRIOTRichard welcomes a media scientist and intelligence analyst Nelson Thall to discuss the largest financial scandal in history. The Trillion Dollar Patriot is the remarkable story of Ambassador Leo Wanta. Wanta, a master engraver and former Ambassador worked with intelligence agencies during the Reagan years to undermine the Soviet economy by flooding their market with counterfeit rubles he created. The U.S. made trillions on betting on the fall of the ruble. Reagan intended for that fortune, which eventually grew to $27 trillion was to be used to benefit the American people. Leo Wanta, still holds the golden key to that fortune and wants to return the money to the US Treasury where it could be used to wipe out the U.S. Government’s massive debt. But Wanta is being prevented from doing so by certain elites who want to plunder that money for themselves.