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In this second episode of _[Scary Stories Told in the Dark](http://www.simplyscarypodcast.com/shows/scary-stories-told-in-the-dark/)_, we bring you two terrifying tales from authors [Christian Thompson](http://www.simplyscarypodcast.com/authors/christian-thompson/) and [John Morressy](http://www.simplyscarypodcast.com/authors/john-morressy/), performed by host and narrator [Otis Jiry](http://www.simplyscarypodcast.com/performers/otis-jiry/), about shops discovered in both out-of-the-way places, as well as in plain sight, which hold within their walls some treasures that sound just too good to be true. Sometimes, the old addages turn out to be more true than one could ever expect, and the Latin phrase “_Caveat Emptor_” – buyer beware – becomes more crucial than ever. See full episode details, including the text of the featured stories, here: [http://www.simplyscarypodcast.com/series/scary-stories-told-in-the-dark/s1e02/](http://www.simplyscarypodcast.com/series/scary-stories-told-in-the-dark/s1e02/)

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