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Three brothers explore, debate and sometimes snicker over the fantastic and mysterious goings ons that exist at the fringes of our reality - everything from the average Bigfoot encounter to the fringiest of fringe conspiracy theories, often challenging their own beliefs.. and sometimes each other's sanity. Good humor, good drinks and good discussion. Listen, laugh and contemplate along with the brothers of the Belief Hole Podcast. Why? Because they love you, and we’re all in this strange place together!

2.2 Strange Travels: Spirits and Shapeshifters

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The weary road warrior may encounter many a strange thing while braving the unfamiliar landscapes of our world. From Navajo Chindi spirits and Shapeshifters, to the Kwei and Azghun calling from the haunted Gobi Desert, this world is full of perils for the night traveler! In this episode we discuss the the relationships between the phenomena and share reports of bizarre encounters. So buckle up, turn on those high beams,  and set your navigation to deep inside the Belief Hole..We’re waiting for ya’

Also.. Sorority World Hopping, Jeremy’s Haunted Blanket, and Holy Guacamole!

EXPANSION  EPISODE: 2•2 | Skinwalkers: Dark Native Witchcraft / Monsters of the Southwest LINK |



05:43 | Topic Introduction08:59 | Strange Expeditions13:10 | Whirlwind Spirits of the Gobi Desert [STORY]16:37 | Demon City of the Gobi Desert21:59 | Chindi Spirits and The Navajo Connection27:02 | Winged Creature in the storm [LISTENER STORY]29:27 | Corroboration, more monsters in Lebanon Ohio32:58 | The Shapeshifting Creature of Mud Creek [STORY]40:03 | Trucker Encounter – Owl’s Obsession [STORY]43:16 | Trucker Encounter – The Night Rider [STORY]47:05 | PATREON PREVEIW – SKINWALKERS50:01| The Gadianton Canyon Incident [STORY]



Moguicheng ‘ghost city of the world’ | Yadan Landforms – Devil City

Yeti Footprints | George Mallory, Eric Shipton and Sir Edmund Hillary Expeditions

Chindi | Navajo Whirlwind Spirits

Mildred Cable | Adventurer and Missionary of the Gobi Desert (far right)

Mary Kingsley | African Missionary and adventurer







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