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Season 2 Ep. 04 “Loveland pt. 1”

Originally Released: Dec 2, 2020

Things often go bump in the night, but do they always glare back at you with round, red eyes? Cole takes a trip down south (well, a bit further south in Ohio) to meet up with a family member of one of the original Cryptheads who happens to have a lead on the legendary Frog Man. Also, Chuck is REALLY letting his new found authority go to his head.

Cryptic is Presented by Crooked Path Productions

Produced and Directed by Jeremiah Isley

Written by Adam Hoffman


Joshua Isley as ColeDJ Remark as ChuckAlan Gerding as AlastairDennis O as AlanBecky Dehart as ViolettaJennifer Isley as BethanyCooper Isley as Young ColeAnd Maya Nicholson as Angela Duvaney

Music by Cory Heddleston & Benjamin Payne

Editing, Sound Design, and Foley by Jeremiah Isley

Narrated by Tim Daugherty

Executive Producer Jeremy Snead

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