#196 – Nurses Vs Ghosts [Spirits Can Be Assholes | Please Don’t Leave Me; They Are Coming For Me | Dark Energy in Hospital]

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I love nurses for many reasons, even though I must admit that the nurses and the uniforms I was accustomed to seeing on magazines and the internet during my teenage years was nothing like the ones in reality. Nurses  are often times overworked, but yet they continue showing compassion to those under their charge. On International Nurses Day, we celebrate them by featuring confessions from nurses who had to deal with more than just their patients.

In the first confession, it seems we have a racist ghost who would only stop its shenanigans when scolded by a nurse. The second confession takes a darker turn when a nurse has to live with regret for now taking her patient seriously. The final confession is an audio recording from a nurse who received confirmation from the matron that there’s a particular ward where an entity drains the life force from the patients.

And our featured guest is a nurse with a third eye. ’nuff said.

All these and more on this podcast episode of Animal Have Spirits only on Supernatural Confessions. Enjoy.

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