#192 – A Police Story [Possession at Old Police Academy | The Old Lady of Halifax Road | If You Love Me, You’ll Be With Me]

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Police work isn’t easy. Besides keeping the community safe, writing reports, and doing whatever it is their vocation requires of them, they also need to keep secrets of their paranormal experiences. I’ve met police petrol at Jalan Wak Hassan area and we stopped to chat about the hauntings in the area. I think he probably felt relieved that he could tell it someone else. We also got active officers working at HQ level who wanted to share their stories on the condition that their identities remain confidential. As a modern progressive nation, we pride ourselves on having a practical and logical view of the world, unlike the generations before us who believe in old wives tales. How silly of them, we say. But it’s this sort of mindset that pushes the discussion of the paranormal to the underground, and it is also what makes Supernatural Confession so intriguing to so many people, because these stories aren’t available in public domain. There’s a strange fascination about the paranormal and the unknown, and a part of us wants to know if it’s true.  And such validations are even more powerful when it’s coming from people in position of authority that we trust – such as doctors, scientists, and police officers.

In this episode we got an ex police officer to join us as a guest to give us insights into how the men and women in blue operate behind the scenes, and how do police officers react to haunting?

All this and more on this podcast episode – A Police Story only on Supernatural Confessions. Enjoy.


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