186 | Police & The Paranormal Vol. 3 | Real Paranormal Experiences From Law Enforcement

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This week we’re diving back into one of our all-time favorite series: Police & The Paranormal! In Volume 3, we once again take a look into some truly terrifying real paranormal experiences and first hand accounts shared from cops and members of law enforcement ranging from uncanny intuition, to run-ins with demonic possession, phantom flames firing across the highway, and more.

Do you know any police officers with weird stories of their own? Submit your stories to thegang@thefreakydeaky.com for your chance to be in Volume 4!


0:00 – Broken Heart
1:08 – Intro
2:28 – Police & The Paranormal 3
5:00 – Episode Starts Here For The Angry Folks Out There
5:02 – The Devil in Her
8:08 – An Inmate Walks into a File Room
10:55 – Pulled A Houdini
15:37 – The Voices
19:35 – Goodness Gracious Great Line of Fire
26:08 – A Wholesome Palette Cleanser
30:25 – Coffee & Confusion
37:00 – Do You Ever Wonder..?
40:02 – Christian is Wrong Again (Classic)
46:02 – 20 of Scott’s Saddest Songs are Hidden on the Website.
48:39 – Scott’s Friend Had an Interesting Dream For Him
54:16 – Scott Sad Song 1
59:32 – Scott Sad Song 2

Armed with nothing more than a non-sensical soundboard, a fascination for all things unexplained, and a heaping dose of dry humor; TFD is a weekly paranormal comedy podcast featuring real ghost stories, Cryptid lore discussions, and true paranormal experiences catering to the week’s theme.

Fresh episodes drop every Thursday across all podcast platforms, and feature perspectives from both believer and skeptic sides of the aisle. So if you’re a fan of haunted places, terrifying paranormal activity, and true ghost stories from real people, you’re in the right place, friend.

Recorded in an undisclosed location somewhere in the beautiful woods of Wasilla, Alaska.



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