185 | Secrets of The Skinwalker: Death Bed Confessions & Passing Down Knowledge

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This week, we’re diving into one of our favorite topics again, as we take a look into a truly unique Skinwalker story. In Secrets of the Skinwalker: Death Bed Confessions we weave our way through a highly detailed, and incredibly wild account wherein a man on his deathbed passes on all the knowledge and lore he has on the subject. Passing the proverbial torch to the next generation to carry.

It’s a wild ride, buckle up. We’ll see you on the inside.


0:00 – Sorry For Saying Skinwalker So Much
0:26 – Intro Music
1:46 – Check Out The Upgraded Website / Fresh New MERCH! http://www.thefreakydeaky.com
2:47 – Awesome Skinwalker Story on the Books Today
3:50 – A Bit About Sam
4:45 – Father John, The Medicine Man
6:10 – Skinwalker Sightings on The Reservation
7:28 – John Performs a Cleansing Ritual
8:18 – The Process of Becoming a Skinwalker
10:12 – John’s Diagnosis & Secrets to Share
11:52 – 2 Grown Men Struggle to Say Yenaldooshi
12:55 – More Than Medicine Men, Animal Skins & Black Magic
16:02 – Drawing Similarities to Algonquin Wendigo Lore
19:12 – What is Corpse Powder Used For?
21:52 – Portals, Demons & Interdimensional Communication
25:16 – Open Range on Amazon Prime. Watch it. It’s amazing.
25:44 – What’s on the Other Side of These Portals..?
26:22 – Interacting w/ Chindi’s: Evil Spirits of the Deceased
29:16 – Group of Folks, A Weird Old Witch & A Haunting Dream
31:51 – Training Apprentices in the Dark Arts
33:16 – These Creatures Actually Can Transform into Animals
34:40 – Keep It Secret & Skinwalker Protection Items
36:55 – Words Have Power & A Hospitalization
38:22 – Family Stalked By Skinwalkers
41:34 – Very Old. Very Powerful. Very Evil.
43:30 – He Lamen-ented, Lamanitited, Lamented.
45:42 – Something Dark Had Set It’s Eyes on Him..
46:37 – Recap & Discussion
52:02 – Outro


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