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185# Return to Skinwalker | Magnetic anomalies

This week we return to the Skinwalker Ranch, also known asSherman Ranch, located southeast ofBallard, Utah, that has a reputation forparanormalandUFO-related activities.[1]Its name is taken from theskin-walkerofNavajolegend concerning vengefulshamans.

UFO reports in theUintah Basinwere publicized as early as the 1960s.[1]UFO and paranormal Claims about the ranch first appeared in 1996 in theSalt Lake City, Utah,Deseret News,[2]and later in the alternative weeklyLas Vegas Mercuryas a series of articles by investigative journalistGeorge Knapp. These early stories detailed by family who occupied the property.

We’re going to look at what’s new on the ranch as new information, paranormal events and UFO sightings ramp up on skin walker.

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