184 | Dude, Where’s My Body? | Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences (OBE’s)

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On today’s episode we once again travel the Astral Realm in search of an experience most of us might have familiarity with, but then we move on when we should lean in and learn because this might be true. Christian titled this episode Dude, Where’s my Body because as you will see, whether it’s a medical emergency or just a simple visit to another dimension, you find yourself outside of the body that you are currently stored in, and THAT’S Freaky Deaky.

We’ll see you on the inside.


0:00 – Christian Has the Shortest Monologues, I Swear..
0:24 – Spooky Ghost Podcast Intro Song Ignites
1:43 – Welcome Back, Rate the Show
2:42 – Green Guts & The Surgery OBE (Out of Body Experience)
10:34 – I Remember Everything (Except the Good Stuff)
13:32 – The Gates of Heaven
18:33 – Ol’ Granpappy of The Astral Realm
25:12 – Simulation Theory Pros and Cons
16:16 – Some Curry Before I Fly
29:53 – Christian’s Belly Makes Old Man Noises
30:10 – Robert Monroe & The Monroe Institute
38:44 – The Clothes Were Different…
43:42 – It’s Closing Time & A Heartwarming Dog Story
44:42 – Recap & Closing Thoughts
49:12 – http://www.thefreakydeaky.com/beans (Desktop Only, It’s Worth It)
52:26 – Outro

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