#182: ESG + WEF = SCAM

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The newest environmental scam set to sweep across the world under the guise of saving the planet is the new ESG movement, or Environmental, Social, and Governance rating system. And like everything that the Globalists put forth to humanity, it is a giant scam designed to modify and ultimately control the behavior of everyone else.

By quantifying the environmental, social, and governance decisions made by corporations, the World Economic Forum seeks to remake society by assigning a score to both the corporations and the products that they manufacture and sell. This score will then be used to measure how well a particular company is playing ball with the dictates of the WEF or if they are contributing too much CO2 to the atmosphere.

Get ready for the SJWs to obsess over the ESG scores of their fellow NPCs, all while screaming at the MAGA people for refusing to buy that new electric leaf blower.

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