177 | UFO’s, Extraterrestrial’s & Alien Abductions, Oh My! (w/ A Funky Fresh UFO Story)

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Buckle up for a wild ride, as Christian takes us down the rabbit hole of UFO’s, Extraterrestrial Life & Alien Abductions, Oh My! We dive into everything from obscure abduction stories, to Mantis Men, clones & even dive into a real ufo story from the Funkmeister George Clinton himself (read by Christian, which makes it 1000x more hilarious.) We’ll see you on the inside.


0:00 – Unlock the Secrets of Extraterrestrial Life
1:44 – Spooky Paranormal Theme Music & What Not..
3:03 – Welcome Back, Homies..
4:57 – Shoutout to Chuke’s Outdoor Adventures & Bigfoot Art Gallery!
5:54 – An Alien Abduction Case From 2001
12:45 – Scott is Skeptical
17:11 – When You’re On The Train of Truth, Sometimes You Miss a Few Stops
18:02 – Alien Abduction of an RAF Pilot Mid-Air? / The Palmdale Files
24:25 – The Mantis Man.. Mantis Alien Race? Mantis Thingy?
27:21 – The Aliens Are Demons Hypothesis (Is My Alien a Demon?)
34:01 – Can Invoking The Name of Christ Actually Send Aliens Packing?
35:28 – Christian Means to Speak Blasphemy
36:50 – Funkmeister George Clinton & Bootsy Collins Funky UFO Experience
42:53 – David Grusch, Telepathic Non Human Intelligence & The Shadow Biome
44:44 – Clones, Drones & Shadow Biomes – Coming Soon
50:19 – Miami Alien Invasion of 8 – 10 Foot Beings That Probably Didn’t Happen
53:17 – Christian’s Too Judgmental of Graham Hancock
55:07 – Recap & Closeout
58:06 – Outro


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