176 | Cursed Movie Sets: Haunting the Silver Screen | True Paranormal Tales From Hollywood

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Welcome to a journey through the shadows of Hollywood’s haunted history in the realm of Cinema where Dreams Come to Life there exists a dark undercurrent of mysterious forces that have plagued certain movie sets with an eerie and unsettling energy.

In this spine chilling exploration we will delve into into the cursed tales that linger behind the Silver Screen uncovering the known curses that have cast their malevolent spell on suspecting film Productions. So dim the lights, steal your nerves and join us as we unravel the mysteries of cursed movie sets where reality and the supernatural collide in a dance of Darkness.

0:00 – Hollywood’s Haunted History
0:43 – Intro Music
2:01 – Welcome Back, Friends
3:22 – We’re Talking CURSED Movie Sets!
3:55 – The Exorcism of Emily Rose (is CURSED)!
5:33 – Rosemary’s Baby & The Curse of Roman Polanski
11:06 – Poltergeist Had Some Doozies
14:45 – The Omen & The Devil’s Handiwork
16:56 – The Nun
18:08 – The Ring 2 & The Evil Water Spirit
19:43 – The Twilight Zone Movie
22:20 – The Ghost of Heather O’Rourke
23:38 – Return to Babylon
25:21 – Annabelle Comes Home & The Conjuring
28:24 – The Exorcist
30:27 – Do You Believe In Curses? Are Curses Real?
33:45 – Are Curses a Product of Thought Craft or Tulpa’s?
35:57 – The Wicked Wist of the Wetch
40:37 – The Power of Belief & The Power of Our Words
42:30 – Rituals & Human Nature
44:20 – Recap & Discussion
49:50 – Outro


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