174 | Lost & Lured in the Woods: Real Paranormal Stories of Haunted Forests & Woodland Spirits

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In the depths of human history, a cryptic chapter unfolds—stories etched in the collective consciousness, tales that converge from every corner of the globe. Tonight, friends, we embark on a journey into the heart of the unknown, where the woods harbor more than meets the eye.

Deep within the recesses of folklore, we encounter a chorus of cautionary voices, warning of perilous encounters with malevolent entities and disembodied calls that beckon the unsuspecting into the silent embrace of the woods. From the seductive Hulder of Scandinavian allure to the elusive Kitsune of Japan, the spectral Wild Hunt haunting Europe’s realms, and Irelands Aos Sí our narrative unfolds like pages from a forbidden tome.

As we traverse continents and cultures, these chilling echoes converge, revealing a cosmic thread that binds the tales together. In the twilight of reality, we unveil firsthand accounts from intrepid souls who have had the misfortunate of experiencing this phenomenon firsthand and live to tell the tale. Throughout this episode ask yourself three simple questions: Who are these entities? What do they want, and what happens to the unfortunate souls that answer their sinister call?


0:00 – Who or What is Luring Us Into The Woods
1:18 – Intro Music
2:38 – Apparently The Intro Was Too Vague…
6:18 – Have You Ever Felt Drawn to the Woods?
7:09 – I’m Just Looking…
11:49 – Christian Has Many Thoughts
17:51 – Hide & Seek
22:14 – Les Stroud & Sasquatch Telepathy / Mind-Speak
23:46 – Possible Rational Explanation?
25:49 – The Changing Street Signs of Zermatt
26:16 – Christian’s Gum Interlude
32:26 – Hot Take: Is Oxygen Slowly Kil*ing Us?
35:18 – Gnome Sweet Gnome
40:17 – Help Me
42:50 – Christian Makes Up Some Random Nonsense
43:31 – Overwhelming Dread
45:40 – There Ain’t Nothin’ Good Waitin’ For Ya Out There…
50:27 – Recap & Listener Voicemail
53:13 – Strange Highness Vol. 1 Next Week
59:27 – Outro


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