173# Scientology | Cults, Aliens & Mysterious disappearances

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173# Scientology | Cults, Aliens & Mysterious disappearances

This week we look at a topic that has a a lot of everything! Space aliens, cults and much more besides. You’ve been asking us to cover it so this week were taking a look at Scientology and LRH (l Ron Hubbard) the secrete history of scientology and the alien overlord Xenu who was the dictator of the “Galactic Confederacy” who brought billions of his people to Earth (then known as “Teegeeack”) in DC-8-like spacecraft 75 million years ago, stacked them around volcanoes, and killed them with hydrogen bombs Also the disappearance of the first lady of scientologyShelly Miscavige… All in this weeks episode of the show.

Plus this weeks NASA news and headlines from earth space and beyond !!!

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