171 | Mystical Mirrors | History, Lore & TERRIFYING True Tales of Haunted Mirrors & Scrying

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Mirrors have always held a mysterious allure, reflecting not only our physical appearance but also harboring a realm of superstitions across various cultures. These beliefs often intertwine with folklore, creating an intriguing tapestry of fears and cautionary tales.

In today’s episode we peel back the thin veil separating us from the other side, and dive into some terrifying true tales of haunted mirrors, obsidian mirrors, scrying and the history/lore surrounding it all.

We’ll see you on the inside.


0:00 – Mirror Superstitions & Beliefs Across Various Cultures
2:57 – Intro Music
4:16 – Christian is Mad (and Racist) that it’s 5 AM.
4:35 – Welcome Back, You Weirdos
6:10 – It’s Haunted Mirrors, Folks (After Christian’s Tangents)
8:37 – The Use of Mirrors & Scrying in Occult Practices
13:02 – Obsidian Mirrors (Black Mirrors) and Scrying
15:37 – Best Practices: Placements of Mirrors in the Home
21:44 – A Documentary Where Christian is Our Guinea Pig: Yes or yes?
25:02 – Let’s Get Into Some Haunted Mirror Stories!
25:25 – The Talking Faces
26:49 – Back to Back
29:34 – Dance Studios & Dojos Must Be Haunted AF
34:45 – Why I Hate Mirrors…
41:01 – The Black Shape
47:33 – Hot Takes and Final Thoughts
53:05 – Closing Time
54:29 – Psych, Now We’re Talking About Hobby Lobby..
56:38 – Outro


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