170 | Vampires Pt. 2 | Modern Day First Hand Accounts & Run-Ins w/ Vampiric Entities

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In today’s episode, Part 2 of our deep dive into the riveting world of Vampires, we take a dramatic shift from part 1, wherein we look into Modern Day First Hand Accounts & Run-Ins with entities that the experiencer could only describe as Vampires. Join as we, once again, dive down the proverbial vampiric rabbit hole!

Have you ever had an encounter with what you would describe as a vampiric entity? We’d love to hear it! Comment below your favorite story!

Join us next week as we get down and dirty with Haunted Mirrors!



0:00 – Intro
1:19 – Welcome Back, Folks
3:51 – A Case Against The Existence of Vampires
6:36 – Uncle Jonas From Brazil
10:37 – The Crowd Parts & A Piercing Gaze
15:51 – Run In With a Strigoi
18:59 – Christian is a Dirty Bird (Obviously)
19:18 – Stalked by a Vampire
24:07 – The Vampires in Queens
39:12 – Teenage Mutant Acne Vampires
48:01 – Vampires & r/RelationshipAdvice
51:05 – Christian’s Favorite Story
51:54 – Should I Make A Documentary on Christian Trying Paranormal Stuff?
55:06 – Join Us Next Week as We Take a Deep Look Into Haunted MIRRORS.
56:12 – Shoutout to Alaska Wild Project for Having Us On


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