#164: Weakness In The White House

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With a disapproval rating crossing over 55% and showing no signs of slowing down, Joe Biden’s honeymoon is officially over. Polls show that seven out of every ten Americans feel a deep dissatisfaction with the direction America is heading with Biden pretending to be at the wheel.

Biden’s disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan will be talked about for decades and taught in the War Colleges as what not to do when exiting a two-decade quagmire disguised as a war against terror. Questions surround almost every aspect of his foreign policy directives, with many coming to understand that the man in the Oval Office is unfit for the task.

Throw in Biden’s bizarre authoritarian COVID dictates and one has the recipe for a disaster in the United States. Who is really calling the shots in Biden’s White House, and are they actually trying to make things worse? Only time will tell.

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