162 | Life After Death, Near Death Experiences & What Is Waiting Beyond The Veil | True Paranormal Experiences

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In the realm of human existence there exists a phenomenon that defies the boundaries of Science and spirituality leaving those who have ventured to its precipice forever changed.

It is a journey that lies between life and death, a tantalizing Enigma that beckons us to explore Uncharted territories of Consciousness near-death experiences and a phrase that shrouds itself in intrigue and Mystique remain a profound Enigma in the tapestry of our existence where the boundaries between the physical and the metaphysical blur and the secrets of the afterlife remain tantalizingly close yet infinitely elusive.

Today we’ll tread the boundary between the known and the unknown where individuals share eerily similar Tales of floating above their own lifeless bodies transversing ethereal Realms and encountering a profound light that transcends Earthly comprehension yet whether NDE’s offer a glimpse into the Afterlife or simply a mesmerizing concoction of brain chemistry remains a tantalizing riddle..



0:00 – A Very Tantalizing Introduction
1:00 – Theme Music
2:19 – Welcome Back, Friends
2:56 – Sleep With The Lights On Debuts TOMORROW on YouTube @freakydeakypod
5:12 – But Did You Die?
15:05 – Christian Is Horrible at Naming Stories
19:03 – Where Is My Mind?
26:51 – This Skeptic is SOLD
30:17 – Bypass Surgery Gone Wrong
33:44 – Three’s a Crowd
36:37 – Christian Didn’t Title This One. Classic.
37:41 – The Episode of Exclusively Great Ideas
39:34 – They’ll Be Fine, I Don’t Want to Go Back
42:07 – Go Watch The Movie Life After Death
44:44 – Radio Waves
46:33 – Hello From The Other Side (Not Adele)
50:10 – To Come Back Means Great Suffering
53:48 – Recap & Wind Down
58:07 – Subscribe on YouTube!
59:07 – Outro


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