160 | The One That’s Definitely Not About DEMONS, Melanie…

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In this episode, that is totally about demons, we take you on a sinister ride through the uncharted territory of the supernatural. Brace yourselves as we share stories from real people who have had spine-tingling, face-to-face encounters with demons. These are not your typical possession stories; these are harrowing accounts that defy explanation and have left a lasting mark on those who experienced them.

As we listen to these firsthand accounts, we invite you, our listeners, to ponder the unsettling question: Could such encounters happen to any of us, in the most unexpected moments of our lives? Join us for a gripping and thought-provoking exploration of these real-life encounters with demons, as we endeavor to shed light on the inexplicable and challenge our understanding of the unknown.


0:00 – I’m Sorry, We Lied, Melanie.
0:18 – Intro Theme
1:38 – Instant Regret from Christian
2:04 – Welcome Back Everyone (Except Melanie)
4:17 – Let’s Begin
6:47 – When a Guardian Angel Becomes a Demon
11:08 – The Sister’s Demon
15:47 – The Law of Dominion
19:26 – Golden Eyes (Not The 007 Game, Goldeneye)
25:27 – The Tanned Man
28:18 – Not Very Demonic, Christian
30:21 – The Tutored Student (Christian is Bad With Titles)
33:26 – Taking Back Sunday Wrote This Title
38:47 – Christian is a Pervert
42:34 – Purdue Pharma is a House of Demons (Allegedly)
45:23 – We Should Probably Get Back to the Demon Talk..
48:53 – Closing Thoughts
52:27 – Outro



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