#157 – Behind the tree | White thing | Pulau Ubin – Friday Night Live Ep30

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1) Behind the Tree, confessed by Azuan (Narrated by Brian)

After Covid 19 restrictions were lifted, Azuan, like many others went out to camp in the open. It was not his first time camping, but the first time “something” decided to join him by the campfire.

2) White White Thing, confessed by Alice (Narrated by Linda)

Alice was doing guard duty by the tower overlooking the jetty. It was rather uneventful, or so Alice thought. But Alice wasn’t alone.

3) Pulau Ubin, confessed by Chris (Narrated by Desmond)

Chris and a buddy went for an exploration and this happen near the German girl shrine. They initially thought they saw something behind the window, until they went to check, there was no one and the place was locked

Know Your Hantu – They have been described to have bulging veins and protruding, red eyes. It likes the darkness and legend has it that this being is found at cremation grounds


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