154 | Planes, Trains & Automobiles, But Haunted | True Tales of Ghost Trains & Haunted Cars

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This week we’re diving into some paranormal oddities surrounding Planes, Trains & Automobiles! Join us as we relive some curious first hand accounts of ghost trains, cursed cars & planes found to be carrying more than the flight manifest may lead you to believe! We also find out that both Christian and Scott both have weird experiences with Ghost Trains!

Which leads us to wonder if maybe some of our listeners have similar experiences themselves. Have you ever seen a Ghost Train? Share your story on any of our social media pages, or email us directly via the link below! 



0:00 – Bazinga
0:33 – Intro Music
1:52 – Try That In a Ghost Town
7:35 – The Phantom Train
9:29 – Scott Actually Had The Same Thing Happen
11:32 – How Has Everyone Experienced A Ghost Train?
12:30 – Here’s Another One About a Train
13:45 – Tired of These Mother F’n Kids on this Mother F’n Plane
18:21 – What Happened in the Ambulance?
20:54 – This Train Derails Complaints
23:46 – Everyone & Ghost Trains 2: Ghost Trains Revisited
24:41 – The Missing Passenger
27:12 – It Wasn’t a Midnight Train to Georgia
31:19 – (DJ Khaled Voice) Anotha One!
33:20 – We’re gonna go back to a car.
36:46 – The Mysterious Helping Hand
44:28 – The Man From The Cargo Hold
45:57 – The Car & The Curse
49:09 – Closing Thoughts
52:12 – Outro


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