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Today we bring you a mini bonus episode on a topic that has the entire world’s attention! “Storm Area 51” is a Facebook event page that was started a couple weeks ago by a man named Matty that thought it would be a great idea after watching a Joe Rogan interview with Bob Lazar. The even now has 1.3 million people committed to going and another 1.8 million people interested in attending this potentially historic event! Matty joins The Confessionals for an exclusive interview on the motivations behind his page, what he thinks Area 51 is all about and what his expectations are for September 20, 2019, when possibly 1.3 million people show up to storm area 51.

See Matty’s Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/448435052621047/

Checkout the “Storm Area 51” website: https://www.stormarea51.us/

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Outro: Roswell by Dalton Boyd