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Moving pupil of Guan Yin statue by Joey (narrated by Lijia)

As kid, we would chew on anything. When slightly older, we would draw on anything we could find. But not many of us would dare to draw a deity’s statue, but Joey did that and come a memory that would haunt her till the end of days.

Lines by Puchi Bobo (narrated by Desmond)

Puchi used to train for running events and he would always train early in the morning. Till this 1 day, he felt something landed on his shoulder causing wounds after. But the thing is, he didn’t see the thing nor anything else that could harm him in his running path.

Know Your Hantu – Cheonyeogwisin, Korean Virgin Ghost

This week we also feature a special guest that tell us his first hand experience, his very own CONFESSION!


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