#123: The Truth About the Pandemic Blunder | Joel Hirschhorn

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After spending many decades in the medical field, Joel Hirschhorn understands the way the industry works, who holds the reigns of control, and how the money gets distributed. It is precisely for this reason that he wrote his transformative book explaining how the system is set up for failure by people that profit from the chaos.

When Dr. Anthony Fauci first appeared on the national stage in early 2020, most of us were unaware of who he actually was and what his background entailed, but Joel Hirshhorn had a deep understanding of who Fauci’s loyalties were to, and how the billions of dollars under his control were distributed.
Was this whole COVID situation a scam to get the masses to line up for experimental vaccines that put billions of dollars in the pockets of the medical cartel, or did Fauci have even bigger goals driven by his insane ego and a desire to be loved?


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