#122 – LITTLE ONE | Army Camp | Vengeful – Friday Night Live Ep13

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You move into a new house and little weird things start to happen, what is your first instinct? Confessor moved from 1 house into another new house only to find out, the horror is far from the end. From lusty spirits, now she has little one running around at home.

All individuals that has camp training or went for National Service has their own piece of story to share. White cloth floating in the jungle, followed a buddy to the toilet only to find out that your actual buddy is sleeping in his bed and so on. This one is about something talking and making sound in the middle of the night! Even when authority showed up and stayed with him, he heard it too!

Vengeful. Black magic is still widely practice here in Asia, you named it, whatever you want, with a very high cost, you can get it almost instantly. But is it worth it? Sadly, this confession involves 2 lives taken away.

KNOW YOUR HANTU (Ghost) – Mo Shen Zai


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