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Confessor driving and in the middle of his way, got flashed by lights from the back, thinkin some driver wanted to overtake him, he slowed down. But the driver behind him slowed down too, an old man came to warn him that he saw something behind his car, but when he went to check, the old man disappear as well, without any trace.

Jason went for a jog, came back sick and disturbed, that night he became something else, even cried sounding like a woman. A neighbor with a relative as a medium stepped in to help. Later they found out, Jason accidently stepped on some offerings for the dead.

This happened in New York, old residents died in their home and was found only weeks/months later is something quite common, until confessor experienced it herself. She smell something funny at first, but seeing how her neighbor lights is still switched on and all, she didn’t think too much about it. Then, she heard the neighbor clearing her throat like she always does every single day for years. Only to find out, the neighbor Dolores, had been dead for quite sometime

KNOW YOUR HANTU – Nyi Roro Kidul


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