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The Paranormal Portal is a show which covers all things Paranormal. Whether ghosts, UFO's/Aliens, Cryptids, Dimension Shifts, Time Travel, etc. If it's paranormal, we'll discuss it. The show, however, focuses on keeping the material light and fun as much as possible and is regarded as a discussion about the paranormal and it's associated phenomena.

The world is full of mystery. Man's hubris would have you believe that the world is mapped, it is explained, it has been conquered. But many would disagree. We believe the world still has mystery. That there are layers upon layers of the world that remain unexplored and unexplained. That there is still magic and mystery all around us...if only we would open our eyes and our hearts to understand. Paranormal Portal explores the many mysteries that still persist. Discussing theory, testimonial and possibility in an open forum for all to take part...ENTER THE PARANORMAL PORTAL...if you dare!

111 – The Darkness and the Light

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On this episode of the Paranormal Portal Podcast, we welcome Andrew Daley to the show. Andrew has had an INCREDIBLE ARRAY of paranormal events in his life. From a possible Bigfoot/Woodwose encounter at the age of 8 in his own home to several spiritual encounters throughout the course of his life. One of his encounters was nothing short of miraculous in an incredible display of divine intervention and culminated in his meeting an angelic or divine presence. It’s an epic journey into the amazing that you will definitely want to catch! Join us as we discuss this and so much more! Enter the Paranormal Portal…if you dare!

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