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Are you interested in metaphysics?

Have you been developing your psychic senses or abilities?

Are you interested in healing work?

Do you ever wonder if you’re a healer?

When you begin to develop your psychic senses and abilities, or expand your knowledge in the spiritual realm, it’s actually quite common for you to wonder, “Am I a healer?” Which sometimes leads to confusion, and more thoughts like, “How do I know? Wouldn’t there be some kind of sign? Shouldn’t I have known already if that was my path?”

Well I want to help answer some of these questions. Yes there are some signs that will indicate if you are a healer. And no, you might not have known this was an ability you have until now. But I’m going to talk about this in further detail on todays show as I discuss 11 Signs You Are A Healer. As well as your next question, “Great I’m a healer! Now what?” 

Enjoy 🙂

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