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Every Wednesday we are going to upload an episode of podcast where confessions are either sent to us or posted in our Facebook group: SC Private, It must be the Hantu.

1) This week we have OUIJA Board where a family brought back an Ouija Board to ask question to their deceased mom, but something else that they found out during the ‘conversation’

2) Black magic is for many, myself included, a cruel practice that has ruined lives, relationships and others. Confessor told us a story which happened to his past relationship, which was ruined due to Black Magic

3) We have heard stories of dolls that were possessed, famous one would be like the stories of Annabelle. But in this episode, there were a short story about a toy that has no longer has batteries in it, but it would still make noises

Other confessions like encounter with Japanese soldiers during army days, an old man running alongside a speedy car and others. All in this Wednesday podcast.

Remember…Whatever you don’t see, doesn’t mean, it is not there~!