#102 – Haunted Institute in KUCHING | Don’t play here | Almost Fatal Jog – Live Show Podcast Ep7 (Season Break)

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This is it, the final episode before we have our season break! This episode we feature 3 different confessions from Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia! And also all these confessions were voiced by the confessor themselves!

“Haunted Institute in Kuching” is a spooky experience of Tim during his uni-time in Lim Kok Wing Institute, although the school was fairly new at that time, but the area and the building was not hence the disturbance during his time in the dark room. Footsteps that seemed to happen only when there were 2 or lesser people inside.

“Don’t play here”, a confessor told us his story which happened in Puncak, Jakarta when he was young. A nice place with nice view but something else that is spooky… lurking behind the villa that they were staying but luckily did not harm the kids, instead a tall figure that confessor saw, helped them instead!

“Almost Fatal Jog”, a confession about the man that nearly comes to the end of his life, after his routine jog. This happened in Singapore, where a man was found unconscious by another fellow jogger which alarmed their family members, but after was admitted to the hospital, no doctors could tell what is wrong until a medium was consulted. This confessions led Eugene and Kim thinking of a practice called “marrying the dead”

For full video, you may visit our website here: https://youtu.be/SR59_Hw5SpA