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Happy Devil’s Night, boils and ghouls!

And what a very special Devil’s Night it is because Ashley and Lauren are here to bring you some LISTENER GHOST STORIES!! 

Five horror stories ranging from funny to sad and strange to downright terrifying.  Each story submitted by our listeners and various friends across the internet.  Each story incredibly special to us- because YOU shared them.

Lauren is bringing us a story about a haunted apartment, a guardian angel, and the terrifying story we now refer to as “the Big Kahuna.” 

Ashley is bringing you a very funny paranormal story, a confusing supernatural experience, and a past life theory that we just can’t stop thinking about.

Rarely does this happen but ALL of the music this week was scored by the same person- their name is Vivek Abhishek and you can find their work on YouTube Channel.


We hope you have the happiest of Halloweens.  Please try and put the world’s struggles and worries aside this weekend.  They will still be here on Monday.  We love you.