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Episode 55 of the Paranormal Mysteries Podcast:

It’s no mystery that every part of the world has its share of legends and it’s not uncommon to have multiple locations with the same folklore, but different origin stories. I bring this up because a couple of tonight’s tales involve encounters with beings that are not only well known within the originating states or countries, but throughout the surrounding region as well. From the weeping woman known as La Llorona to the Pigman of Indiana, tonight’s episode is a mixture of strange occurrences, mysterious entities and unidentified creatures.

As always, I’d like to start out the show by saying a huge thank you to our wonderful Patrons: Robin, Cassandra, Juli, Kortnie, Tiffany, Stephen, Mystica, Carley, Kyriakos, Euknecka, Mary, Andrew, Sarah, Angie, Nick, James S and our five newest patrons Moly, Mattie, Kerrie, Collin and James P. Your support and generosity is truly amazing and it makes our podcast possible.

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