Yuletide Ghost Stories with Phantasmagoria

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As the winter nights got longer, people always huddled next to the fireplace and entertained one another with ghost stories during the yuletide season. Over time, that tradition disappeared here in the United States and the ghosts were confined to October. That would change with the first publishing of Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol in 1843 about a miserable man who is visited by three ghosts on the night before Christmas.

Phantasmagoria, the acclaimed theater troupe, succeeds in keeping the tradition of yuletide ghost stories alive with yearly presentations of some of the greatest wintery and Christmas ghost stories written through the centuries each year.

Join Gary and he takes a walk Within The Mist with Phantasmagoria’s Byron as they talk about the importance of ghost stories during the long winter months. We will also learn more about how the idea of a dark circus has evolved over the past twelve years to combine storytelling, fire performance, dance, puppetry, and stage combat for the entertainment of the entire family.

Plus, Byron shares some stories of his own household ghost and how it feels to act as caretaker to her home.

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