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IN THIS EPISODE: Investigators noted the hair on the alleged victim’s arms was singed, and the skin burned. The grass where he claimed to have had the encounter was also scorched. Did this scoutmaster and the boys with him truly experience a real UFO sighting in 1952, or was it all a hoax? (The Scouts and the UFO) *** An atheist tells his story about being possessed by demons… or maybe he wasn’t. (I Thought I Was Possessed By The Devil) *** Is the Thunderbird real or myth?  Most would say it is myth – or if it was real, it’s now extinct. But then how do you explain sightings of the massive airborne creature as recently as 2018? (The Giant Thunderbird Lives) *** Sometimes, the darkness of night can hide frightening secrets. Especially if you are alone. (You’ll Never Guess What Happened While You Were Asleep)

(Dark Archives episode from May 13, 2020)
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“The Giant Thunderbird Lives” by Stephen Wagner for Live About: https://tinyurl.com/y7agyegx
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