The Psychic Realm

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Escape the daily reality through the veil of illusion, as Nantah invites you to explore, experience and understand the messages from the universe.
Rediscover your connection, place and purpose within it’s powerful system and it’s plan for raising the consciousness of humanity.
Join Nantah for readings, medium-ship, talks about multidimensional beings, the paranormal, past lives and spiritual advancement in this new paradigm shift of awareness.
You are born psychic – This is the Psychic Realm with Nantah.

You Have a Guardian Angel

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Today’s chat is a Guided Meditation connecting you to your own Guargian Angel led by Nantah.
If you want to know more about how you can rediscover and develop your psychic gifts or would like a one on one session with Nantah, Visit the website or visit the Facebook page, Nantah B Ensom Psychic Medium or the Facebook group simply called Nantah Ensom’s Group
Meditation Music – The music “Harmony of the Soul” Created, produced and supplied by Steven North – – Heart Activation Music.

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