XZTV – Rob McConnell Interviews – REBECCA SMUK – The Motor City Psychic

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Rebecca Smuk, who calls herself the Motor City Medium, claims to be Internationally renowned and respected spiritual, empathic medium – who many have never heard of. She claims to do readings to help those that need healing, insight and closure by connecting with loved ones on the other side. She also specializes in violent or highly volatile hauntings and helps others cleanse their homes. Rebecca uses the Ouija board as a conduit during her one on one readings with clients or group séances. Rebecca is also a member of G.L.A.S. Paranormal along with her husband, which is a Detroit based team. In addition to being a Paranormal Investigator and Empathic Medium, Rebecca also has been a guest on radio shows and presents at various Paranormal Conventions across the country. Although Rebecca claims to have a degree in psychology from Michigan States University, at this time we have not been able to verify it, however, our guest vetting process did turn up a Bachelor of Science (BS) from Aquinas College. All I have to say about this guest, “Consumers Beware.”
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