XZTV – Rob McConnell Interviews – DAN BALDWIN – The Psychic Detective Handbook

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Dan Baldwin – Author, co-author and ghostwriter with more than 60 published works (50 under someone else’s name). Award winning author for his novels and non-fiction works. Discovered psychic abilities late in life and calls himself a “psychic on training wheels.” Pendulum dowsing is his skill. His paranormal books are:Speaking With Spirits of the Old Southwest (With Dwight and Rhonda Hull), The Practical Pendulum – Getting Into the Swing of Things, Find Me as Told to Dan Baldwin, They Are Not Yet Lost – True Stories of Psychic Detecting (from files of Find Me group), How Find Me Lost Me – A Breach of Trust Told by the Psychic Who Didn’t See It Coming, I CAN’T Be A Psychic Detective (currently seeking publication)
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