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XZTRS/XZBN: Nicole B Simpson – The Forgotten Survivors of 911

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The Forgotten Survivors of 9/11 – Nicole B Simpson represents the survivors-the individuals who were in the building on 9/11 and walked away emotionally devastated, scarred for life and struggling to pick up the pieces to move forward. As an author and motivational speaker, she has spent the last 10 years encouraging others that they can still move forward. She recently completed a book titled “9/11/01: A Long Road toward Recovery” featuring interviews with other survivors. Simpson worked in the Twin Towers as a financial planner. She’s also written “The Ultimate Plan: A Financial Survival Guide for Life’s Unexpected Events.” Nicole B. Simpson is a compelling motivational speaker, author and certified financial planner who is actively involved in spiritual, emotional and economic empowerment in the penal system, not for profit organizations, and the educational system. A radio and television personality, and author, Ms. Simpson travels throughout the United States empowering men and women who have suffered catastrophic and traumatic events to Dare 2 Dream and she teaches basic financial principles with biblical references. In 2002, She is the visionary and CEO of the Power of Gospel Ministries and Harvest Wealth Financial LLC. Elder Nicole has written three books; “Planning for A Reason, a Season, and a Lifetime”, “The Ultimate Plan…A Financial Survival Guide for Life’s Unexpected Events” which was nationally distributed through Tate Publishing and her latest release, “Dare 2 Dream”. She is also a contributing writer for AIRPLAY 360 In 2010, she is embarked on a national campaign Dare to Dream with me encouraging everyone to begin pursuing their heart’s desires –

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