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XZRSXZBN: Leela Hutchison – Journey into the Giant Selenite Crystal Caves of Mexico

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Leela Hutchison is a Graduate Gemologist, from G.I.A., (Gemological Institute of America) explorer, researcher, and published author on crystals, gems and minerals. Her new book is Journey into the Giant Selenite Crystal Caves of Mexico. You can find it on her website at and on (

In January 2001, Leela was on a team of first explorers to enter the astonishing giant crystal caves. These colossal pylons of crystal are located nearly 1,000 feet down inside a 200 year old working silver mine and is in the village of Naica, Chihuahua in the Tarahumara Sierra Madre Mountains. These caves contain what are now known as the largest crystals on Earth ranging in size to approx. 40 feet tall and weighing as much as 60 tons and estimated to be 550,000 years old.

The giant Selenite crystals were discovered in April, of 2000 by two miners assigned the task of drilling into bedrock searching for a vein of silver, lead or zinc. Leela began showing some of the first images to come out of the crystal caves at her lectures and conferences as early as February 2001, a mere 9 months after the now famous crystal caves were discovered. Today, the world’s interest is stronger than ever!

Leela presented her research and rare images to the Museum of National History of Los Angeles Gem and Mineral Council earlier in September of 2017 and to the Smithsonian Institute in February 2018. She been interviewed by the Art Bell Radio Show in January of 2018, and George Noory of Coast 2 Coast AM Radio in April, 2017, along with Shirley McClaine for her now decades old radio program: Independent Expressions. She was interviewed and filmed by Mexico’s leading Ufologist, Jaime Massaun’s show: Tercer Milenio TV of Mexico City, as of November of 2016.

She has presented her research and images to conferences and groups such as the Explorers Club and at the world’s largest gem/mineral organization, the American Gem Trade Show in Tucson, Arizona and to curious seekers worldwide to understand more of the mysterious giant selenite crystals.

There were some interesting discoveries found in the thermal waters inside the silver mine. Such as the collection of bacteria as far as South Africa in 2009 and more recently, in February of 2017, strange microbes were found inside water bubbles resulting in weird and alien life forms never found on planet earth. In April of 2017, Leela did an interview with Dr. Penelope Boston, Director of Astrobiology of NASA Ames Research Center to understand the implications of these microbes on planet earth and exo-planets in our Solar System.

The condition of the caves (or bubbles in bedrock) inside this mine is considered to be the most hostile environment on Planet Earth with extreme temperatures of 128 degrees in 2001 and 100% humidity. It is nearly impossible to remain conscious for more than 30 minutes without protective gear and clothing from the intensity of heat and humidity. Leela’s group was able to explore two caves without any protection, unaware of the high risks involved.

Born in El Paso, Texas, in the Chihuahua desert of the American southwest in the U.S., Leela has a long history as an avid hiker/rock climber and an adventure seeker.

You can find further information and research on her Facebook pages at Naica Caves and author page at Giant Crystals of Mexico.

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